Kashmir for Kashmiris – A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 174


Kashmir for Kashmiris –

  A Sovereign Kashmir: Random Thoughts- 174


[ Educationist,  Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Specialist on State Terrorism ; Commentator  on world affairs & sport fixings, Expert on Mideast Affairs,Former university Teacher; Editor:INTERNATIONAL OPINION; Editor: FOREIGN POLICY ISSUES;  Palestine Times: RANDOM THOUGHTS; (http://abdulrubb.wordpress.com) website: http://abdulruff.wordpress.com/ mail: abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com]


Arrests, torture and killing of Kashmiiri freedom fighters by Indian forces have been a regular fateful feature inside Kashmir for years. Fake encounters keep removing Kashmiri Muslims in a sustained manner.  International community call the Indian yoke to end but India justifies state crimes by claims of ownership of occupied Jammu Kashmir.

That 100,000 Muslims in Jammu Kashmir have been slaughtered by occupying India forces is of no concern to New Delhi which also ignores the discovery of secret graveyards inside Kashmir. India remains committed to state terrorism

Muslims in India live in somewhat demoralizing and humiliating conditions as known to the world but hard core Hindus want Kashmiri Muslims to follow the example of Indian Muslims.


Indian claim of sovereignty over its neighbor Jammu Kashmir looks ridiculous. Until 1947 Jammu Kashmir had been in independent nation. Most free Kashmiris say Kashmir was never part of any Country nor will it remain. This was independent sovereign State which is known to International Community that is why this core issue is on UN agenda for its final settlement.

India used terror goods and triclomacy to bully and silence the Kashmiris with some amount of success. India has support of USA more than Russia or china on Kashmir issue.  Now, the Kashmiri people have been given a clear message that they have been defeated by occupying Indian forces.

When the fate of Kashmiris in Kashmir continues to be hard, harsh and unpredictable,  their  plight in India proper can only be imagined.

Noted Supreme Court lawyer and leading social activist , Prashant Bhushan said that no Kahsmiri was safe in any part of India as communal forces were ruling the country. Commenting on the mysterious death of Kashmiri student in Hyderabad, Prashant Bhushan said there is lawlessness in whole country.


Prashant Bhushan , who is part of anti-corruption movement sweeping India said in an interview: “ India Army in Kashmir is responsible for suppression while in India communal forces including extremist Hindu outfits are busy terrorizing Kashmiri people who manage their affairs in different parts of India. “How can you expect that a Kashmiri is safe in India when police can do encounter of anybody even of an Indian in any part of the country”. He urged Government of India to resolve Kashmir issue amicably as soon as possible.

Bhushan said the execution of Afzal Guru exposed India all over world. “The way Afzal was not allowed to meet his family before his execution exposed India and people of Kashmir came to know about the real face of India. I sincerely believe that Kashmir is an issue and it needs to be resolved. The early India will resolve it, the better it will be for it,” Prashant Bhushan said and added that policies of Central Government towards Kashmir were full of fallacies.


Not to speak of Kashmiri people even a common Indian is not safe in India! All over country police was indulging in fake encounters. Hindu sponsored terrorism is on peak. No one is safe here. The reality is that Kashmiri’s are being maltreated and suppressed by communal forces in every corner of the country


Bhushan wants to make Army accountable and take action against erring personnel who kill people. It is unfortunate that people of Kashmir are not being heard and flocked like cattle; he said adding that the more government will suppress the sentiments of people the more people will resist and develop hatred and anger towards India. Urging Government of India to repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from Jammu and Kashmir and North East, Bhushan said that AFSPA was the root cause of every evil in Kahsmir. Army is suppressing people in the garb of this contentious Act and it must be abolished.

Many Indian elite want India to take POK militarily for the purpose of unifying Kashmir, with likely conflict between two nuclear powers.

People of Kashmir want to decide their future as per their aspiration. We wanted to be friendly with every Country including India. People of Kashmir have no enmity with anyone. We wanted blood shedding should be stopped and India must respect the aspiration of the common Kashmiri. Please keep in mind one family or one person cannot decide future of millions of people of Kashmir. To decide the future is only right to the people of Kashmir.

Supporters of Indian state terrorism naively argue that India is entitled to assimilate even entire Pakistan and Bangladesh, which were carved out on the basis of two nation theory.

The basis of struggle by Kashmir freedom fighters for independence, plebiscite, liberation, self – determination etc is their legitimate right to regain their sovereignty from occupier India.

Justice, international law and wisdom demands that India left Kashmir at least now, allowing Kashmiris live in peace and decide their future. But many hard core Indians argue that if 250 million Muslims can live in then there is no reason why  9 million Kashmiri Muslims cannot live in peace, prosperity and harmony in India. They want to silence freedom fighting Kashmiris

Hindutva core mindset wants to kill everyone who does not support Hindutva ideology or follow strictly laws which they themselves float.  They foolishly argue: “People like Prashant Bhushan should be hanged from the nearest tree, given a chance by any patriotic Indian citizen. And this applies to any Kashmiri, or any Tamilian..  If it means exterminating an entire region’s population, then so be it!” That is to kill all and keep Hindutva ideology alive”.

Hindutva elements in India quickly criticize Saudi Arabia or other Arab nation when a criticism is made against India n extra fanaticism and anti-Muslim mindset

These nuts want sedition against anyone else who dares undertake pro-Kashmir stance or criticize genocides of Kashmiri Muslims India. They claim their right to kill every Kashmiri Muslims if they do  not recognize Indian right to occupation of JK.

Needles to say that it is ideal to have both sides of Kashmir to be the parts of new, Independent Jammu Kashmir nation but for which both India and Pakistan must work honestly towards peace in the region in favor of Kashmiris. Over 6 million Kashmiris are controlled by India in JK and 3 million presently on other side of LOC Kashmir under Pakistan control.


However, if Kashmiris are touchy about hurting the Pakistanis by taking away Azad Kashmir from their control, that is ok at the present circumstances; only Jammu Kashmir now under Indian occupation can be the new nation to which other parts would join eventually and positively. Pakistan will to allow independence for Azad Kashmir in due course on its own or by intentional pressure.

India, the key player in the crisis, should resolve the issue amicably on its own and its own sake and interest by involving UN and other concerned international bodies.

By freeing Jammu Kashmir burden, India can become a genuine democracy!



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